• Wholesale Plant Nursery in Lake Tahoe

Wholesale Plant Nursery in the Heart of Lake Tahoe: Tahoe Tree Company

In the heart of the Lake Tahoe region, Tahoe Tree Company takes pride in being the preferred wholesale plant nursery. We have grown to become one of the area’s leading wholesale plant suppliers. But what makes us unique, and why should you take advantage of our wholesale services?

We Are Unique

We are the only wholesale nursery in the Tahoe Basin and one of the only in the region, where quality and variety meet unparalleled service.  Collectively, our experts boast several hundred years of knowledge, each specializing in diverse areas such as garden design, pest management, container planting, native gardening, bird and bee attraction, and perennial gardens. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to preserving the local ecosystem. We take great pride in nurturing our native plant stock by cultivating them from well-established local plants, a tradition initiated by our founder, Dave McBride. Today, we continue to offer an array of native shrubs, trees, and perennials that trace their roots back to his pioneering efforts.

Located in Tahoe City, the heart of the breathtaking Lake Tahoe region, we take immense pride in being your preferred wholesale plant nursery.

Contract Growing

Is your project in need of a certain plant or tree species? We develop plants specifically for projects outside of our stock offerings. In addition to private property contract growing we grow plants for native restoration and municipal projects. 

Unparalleled Wholesale Selection

Landscape contractors and retailers, here’s your chance to secure plants in bulk and access our competitive wholesale pricing. To qualify for our wholesale prices, all you need is a C27 Landscape license. It’s that simple.

But it’s not just about quantity; it’s about variety. At Tahoe Tree Company, we boast an extensive selection of plants, including native Tahoe species and unique varieties that you won’t find elsewhere in the region. Our commitment to diversity ensures that you can source the perfect plants to meet your project’s needs.

150,000 Plants and Year-Round Growth

Picture a nursery that houses an astonishing 150,000 plants. Our vast inventory not only accommodates your bulk needs but also presents a diverse array of species and varieties. What sets us apart is our year-round cultivation, guaranteeing that the plants you desire are always at your fingertips when you visit our website.

Winter Protection, Spring and Fall Delivery

During the winter months, our 5-acre nursery in Loomis, California provides a sheltered haven for all our plants. But when spring and fall roll around, it’s time for them to make their way to Lake Tahoe. Each year, we carefully transport our 150,000 plants from Loomis to our Tahoe City nursery. This thoughtful transition ensures you get vibrant, locally grown plants that are well-suited to thrive in the unique climate of Lake Tahoe.

Choose Tahoe Tree Company for the utmost in quality, variety, and year-round availability. We’re your trusted partner for all your wholesale plant needs in the Lake Tahoe region.