North Lake Tahoe’s favorite gathering place for local gardeners
and visitors wanting to experience the oasis of plants, flowers and trees

Locally owned and operated since 1954

All of our native plant stock is propagated
from locally established mother plants

Long-standing history of employing locals and creating a hometown feel

Tahoe Tree Company is a retail and wholesale nursery, providing hundreds of varieties of plants and trees proven to thrive in the unique Tahoe environment. Stop by for everything from trees and plants to seasoned landscaping advice, garden gifts, colorful pottery, and more!

Thank you for a great summer season in Tahoe!

That’s it folks! As of October 29, 2023 we’re closed for the winter and will be operating out of our Loomis location until the Spring. Thank you for an incredible summer! 

Even though our Tahoe City location is closed we are still growing! All of our plants are moved down the hill in the winter and we are getting ready for next spring. Stay tuned for what’s next, and we’ll catch you in Tahoe again when the weather warms up.